This Sh*t Isn’t Easy

Throughout the writing of these blog posts it seems that all I have found is restriction after restriction as to what we as consumers can buy. It seems that every company violates human rights or is cruel to animals, and therefore we have to seek out companies that are harder to find, and usually cost a considerable amount more.


I don’t write this to be discouraging to my cause, I’m just saying trust me I know how challenging it is to buy fair-trade, especially as a college student.  I definitely put forth an effort to buy it when I can, but I in no way would I say I only buy fair-trade.  Sometimes this is because of a lack of funds, but a lot of times its just because of laziness. It is just easier to buy products that are all in one place and cheaper. This, my friends is the plague that keeps America purchasing the products it does. Convenience.


I found some good articles online that help us to find the easiest way to buy fair trade. This article has 10 tips that will help consumers to buy fair-trade. It has tips such as looking for the fair-trade label and try to find the items where you normally shop.


Really the best way to buy fair trade items is to do it when you can in accordance with your budget. There is a ton of information online that will guide you to making responsible decisions, and every little bit helps. So start by maybe changing out one item on your grocery list with a fair-trade substitute.  Any kind of effort could go a long way to making difference.Image